design work


MOD is a workstation that has the basic functions of a desk, and can be complemented with a range of accessories that may be added in different combinations and quantities. Each user is free to choose the exact number of drawers, filing cabinets, trays and storage modules he or she needs. Drawers may be arranged horizontally or vertically, hanging one from the other.

To keep the workspace tidy, the main desktop is divided into two sections that function as storage systems. The first section is a hinged worktop that hides everyday objects like paperclips, pencils, notebooks or folders. The second is a larger compartment that can be used to stow things that the user does not need to access so frequently, such as peripheral hardware, external hard disks, cables or wireless routers.

The assembly system is very simple; the desk legs are attached to the main structure using joints and Allen screws. These can be removed at the end of the MOD desk’s useful lifetime in order for it to be recycled or disposed of for biodegradation. MOD is also efficient to transport, as the legs fit below the main body of the desk and all of the parts can be flat-packed.

Design: Ian Ortega
Year: 2009
Manufacturer: Pirwi
Materials: Birch plywood, biodegradable finish, metal joints.
Dimensions: 75 H X 177 W X 80 D cm.